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We design our treatment centres by the values most important to your career in dentistry: ultra efficiency, sound ergonomics and sheer reliability.

We design our treatment centres by the values most important to your career in dentistry: ultra efficiency, sound ergonomics and sheer reliability. 

Understanding the costly effects of equipment downtime helps us to grasp your most basic needs, and drove us to become the industry’s benchmark for reliability. This essential quality is a given in our products, and we take great pride in this reputation. 

Our deep heritage in medical and dental chair design has taught us the profoundest lessons about simply feeling well. How being fit and healthy contributes to one’s happiness, and we make designs which might benefit yours. For example, the very compactness of our treatment centres is in contrast to many others’, but it’s an ergonomic improvement that aids your comfort during operation and sets Belmont apart. 

We offer a comprehensive range of delivery systems and features for you to choose from, because we want you to be as comfortable as you like in your work. Mostly, we want you to work without the strains associated with performing dental work, so that you can work longer, if you wished to. 

As for your Patients, our chair design heritage goes some way to ensuring they’re at ease in your chair so that you can perform your best dentistry. Whether you prefer the traditional Over-Patient or more contemporary Below-the-Patient delivery style, our treatment centres demonstrate a uniquely elegant understanding of the ergonomics for each class. 

Reaching for equipment is not healthy and walking round the chair to retrieve instruments is time consuming, and wasteful. Working more efficiently with an intelligently designed delivery system saves you time – and that’s for you to choose how you spend it. 

A better daily operation is our users’ greatest comfort, and an enduring peace of mind their finest luxury.

Since 1967, in Japan, our motivated workforce has been designing and developing dental and medical equipment. Servicing hospitals, practices and universities around the world, we install 7,500+ treatment centres annually. 

In a timely manner coinciding with the evolution of dentistry, within a changing world, our reach is extending. The core values of our company and our product design are attracting ever-increasing popularity, and so we continue to pursue a better working environment for you. 

Healthier, happier lives for all.





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